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What is Web Design?

Website Design & Development

Web Design & Development

My team consists of a dedicated team of web professionals specializing in, web design, graphic design, programming, SEO, and content writing. Our Long Island based web design professionals have a passion for web design, development, and digital marketing that puts us above the competition. We understand how important design, and SEO is to branding, a company’s image, and how this in turn can impact a website’s success which is why our sites are strategically designed with SEO at the core of a websites framework during development. Along with the essential mobile responsive design knowledge gained from years of experience, and staying on the cutting edge of technology in an ever changing industry.

Examples of Work

Search Engine Optimizaton

Content rich web pages, organic page ranking, reputation management, social media campaigns, location sensative search engine exposure for global or national online visibility. Our SEO Service is ranked 7th in the nation as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist.

Online Marketing Campaigns

Target audience outreach and analysis, video marketing, social web marketing, online advertisement campaigns, blogs, banners, and social media outreach for optimization in desired global networks.

Custom Website Development

Custom web layouts, e-commerce, or consuming content are often custom built applications. Our web developers create custom websites from the ground up as you envisioned it, and like no one else on the web.

Start Up Company Website

One page website designs for new startups, as well as small 5 page designs. These are mainly launching soon or landing pages trying to spread the word while capturing user information or gaining an additional social media network following. This is also a great way to simply gain an online presence.

Educational | School Websites

School websites listing classes, curriculum, parent outreach, online learning resources, bilingual online resources, professional staff development, and any aspect any administrator would need to have a building connected online to students, and parents.

Digital Online Photo Galleries

High resolution digital photo galleries that are mobile responsive to fit all platforms. Custom galleries are available, as well as photo descriptions, captions, and image links directing users to other pages with a friendly graphic user interface.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Typically there have been four general screen sizes that responsive design has been aimed at: the widescreen desktop monitor, the smaller desktop (or laptop), the tablet, and the mobile phone.

Content Writing

Key word sensitive content, metadata, titles, descriptions, seamless coding that reflects organic SEO availability. Content for optimizing clients is written by industry professionals who seek, and surpass your surrounding competition for rank and knowledge base.

Online Landing Pages

A landing page is any one page responsive website where you direct traffic to prompt a specific action on the part of the visitor. This is where your visitors “land” by following a direct URL or an ad, a call to action in your website, or a link in social media.

Digital Phototography

Photo manipulation, encryptions, logo branding, and printing is all available to match website design. High resolution images are used for photo galleries, online advertisements, as well as the hard copy prints for your identity.

Charitable Organizations | NON Profit

Discounts are available for charitable organizations, and United States Veterans. Pay Pal accounts can be linked directly to your company website to help fund your cause. I am an equal opportunity web designer, and no cause is too large or small for online presence.

Website Branding Large & Small Scale

Branding a website's company logo, letter head, PDF links, color schemes, and all aspects of marketing identity. This is for both hard and soft copy alike, and is identically seen on all mediums for identity recognition.

Website Development Services Offered

Mobile Contact: Dino Riese | 516 286 3583

As Internet marketing and search engines evolve, it becomes clearer and clearer that compelling content is integral to a website’s success. Website content development supports SEO and paid search to create a clear conversion journey for prospective customers. It is very important your target audience is reached with the proper key wording. This is not only important in the front end, but in the back end behind the scenes of web design and development as well. I specialize in content writing that is relevant to your craft, and teaches your viewers the core message neccesary to drive your sales up. Great Content encourages people to link to your pages and shows Google™ your pages are interesting and authoritative. This leads to search engine success because Google™ wants to show interesting and authoritative pages in its search results. It's that simple!

Web Design | Development

Establishing a website presence and effectively marketing your website can take weeks or even months of researching different services such as; website designers, developers, online marketing, SEO experts, logo designers, link builders, content writers and so on. We offer all these web design services and more, so there is no need to use several web design companies.

Front End | Back End Coding

Most of the code that is required to make an application work will be done on the backend. Backend code is run on the server, as opposed to the client. This means that backend developers not only need to understand programming languages and databases, but they must have an understanding of server architecture as well. This is your one stop shop coding, custom web design, and unique php / server side communication needs.

Search Engine Optimization

First page SEO Ranking is a very challenging and changing business and if a ranking SEO company does not stay on top of the game you lose. Our experts collaborate content, social media, back links, and a file tree that organically ranks you in your desired areas online. We can also offer blogging, reputation management (cleaning your name off the internet), google analytics, google Ad words, and pay per click ad campaigns.

Email Support | Hosting Assistance

Email acount for your website, and technical assistance with setting up hosting for your Website.

Monthly Updates

Monthly updates are available, and a schedule can be set up based on when content on any web pages need to be updated. Updates can be performed as frequently as necessary based on client needs.

Social Media Campaigning

Create and manage social media accounts which are branded to the content, and graphics of your website. Your company, and personal identity will be reflected across all mediums as your campaign grows.

Web Development Discounts & Perks

I include a free logo with website development. Also with every website created, you will receive 1,000 free business cards to match your design. This is complimentary with a website designed by my team and I. You will be branded online, for web presence, and in print offline for hard copy marketing material distribution.

Web Design Services

I create awesome low cost websites that generate revenue. One Page Responsive websites are a fast, and easy way to gain an online presence. I also include Printing Free with Web Design. Business owners and entrepreneurs spend a lot of time and money driving traffic to websites that don't convert visitors into buyers. Why? Because history has told us that if we want a webpage that is going to generate more clients and customers, we have to pay a lot of money. Right? Wrong! Sure, It's true that not long ago if you had a "low cost web design" or an "affordable website" built for your business, it probably wasn't going to do much for generating new leads and paying customers. Today, it's just the opposite. A low cost web design is the way to go if it's done right, and optimized!

My Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services focus on improving brand authority, increasing online traffic and showing you value. Campaigns consist of many proven factors including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Video Creation/Promotion, Original Content Writing, Quality Link Building and much more. With an option for every budget, we will customize your SEM campaign to suit your needs to not only generate the greatest return on investment, but also to deliver results in the most expedient way possible. And we do this while always adhering to Industry Recognized ‘Best Practices’.

When my team and I are provided the honor of designing your website we include 1,000 business cards free of charge. Front and back high gloss, hard bond, full color, two-sided business cards which match, and brand your identity for your clients. This is what I would like for my start-up company, so I reciprocate the same to others based on integrity, and respect.

Front End Web Design Lessons | Click Here!

Private Web Design Lessons Available by Apt. Only! | 516.286.3583

Website Updating | Content Writing

Let me teach you front end website developement.
I can build it for you once, but I can teach you how to build for yourself forever!

Business Cards

DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs
DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs
DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs
DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs
DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs
DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs

DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs
DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs
DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs
DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs
DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs
DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs

DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs
DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs
DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs
DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs
DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs
DinoRiese.com | Business Card Designs


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